The Deep Clean You're Looking For

Trust the experts at Rocket 3 Minute Wash to recommend the right service for your vehicle. We offer a variety of car wash packages and fundraising opportunities at our locations in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska; and we will soon offer them in Las Vista, too.

Which Wash Do I Choose?

The type of wash you need depends on your vehicle's condition and what level of protection you prefer. Your required vehicle maintenance also depends on the season. Winter means salt, which means an under-body rinse is highly recommended. In the summer, keep bugs off your vehicle with waxes. Summer also means UV protection. If you're still unsure, our service advisers are trained to help you choose the right wash for you and your vehicle. Regardless of which package you choose, our goal remains the same: give you a clean, dry, and shiny car every time! Options include:

Maintenance Wash

• Soft Cloth Wash (No Brushes) • High-Speed Air Dry
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Shine N' Protect

Includes everything from the Maintenance Wash, plus:

• Ultimate Undercarriage Protection • Frothy Tri-Color Foam Polish • Clear Coat Conditioner with UV Shield

The Ultimate

Includes everything in the Shine N' Protect Wash, plus:

• Lava Foam Bath for Superior Cleaning
• Wet-Look Tire Shine Application
• Brake-Dust-Busting Wheel Brightener • Hot Carnauba Foam Wax

Rocket Express

Includes everything in the Ultimate Express Wash plus:

• Full Body Towel Dry
• Hand-Applied Carnauba-Polymer Blend Wax
• Rain-X Total Body Protection
• 360-Degree Quality Control Inspection
• 4-Day Clean Car Guarantee

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